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Oh my goodness!

October 22nd, 2014 at 07:17 am

I knew it had been a bad month for Murphy visiting. I just didn't know how bad until I started working on this month final financial totals. Yowsa!

Lets start with over $700 in vet bills just last week! Lets add on another issue that cost $1700 This week! EEEK!!!

A nice big car repair also hit this month~ Blah!

I also need to throw winter storage for the RV in for Nov. budget. Good rate at $10 a foor for the whole winter.

I am very much hoping to spend no more money the rest of the month besides a few $'s for milk and bread!

These expenses bite but I am just thankful we are prepared!

Kiddo is having a dilemma about his major. He has no electives and all classes for his major and 17 credits of classes being taken. He is finding it very boring and thinks he wants to change even though I am told the classes are easy. Anything to do with engineering being easy baffles my brain.

He is seeing someone about this next week. He had to go out of the area for engineering and live on campus. The program he thinks he wants to change to is available at the college in town. I will say if kiddo does decide to change majors and go local next year it will save us a ton of $. Really I just want him to pick something he will be happy with.

I need to remember to pick up a case of beer for someone that came and helped me out this week )

4 Responses to “Oh my goodness! ”

  1. Violet Says:

    Wow, what a expensive week for you! Hopefully those "unexpected" things are done for.......for a long time!!!

    Glad you were prepared for them though....still not fun.

  2. Bright Says:

    Thanks Violet. I do also.

  3. snafu Says:

    What change did DS make to his program? Did he select Community College? So long as the courses are transferable to a 4 year institution, he can usually get credit at another institution.

    What cruise did you choose for 2014/15 winter? There are some terrific sites to help with retirement planning. I find the idea of having DH here and bored terrifying! How will he use up the day and be happy and fulfilled? I enjoy travel but that's mostly the joy of change. I'm rip ready to return to work!

  4. Bright Says:

    Snafu he changed majors. No on the community college. He will still be at the same college next year. They both have the program but it is much higher rated where he is. Decided on no cruise for in in the country trip south. Your rip ready to return to work Smile We always find plenty to do and there are not enough hours in the day I swear!

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