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401K raise and a challenge for us to take on!

September 22nd, 2014 at 01:14 pm

We bumped the 401k up another %. It is currently at 21% after the bump. We will bump it back up in January to reflect dh's raise %. We are leaving the company stock we purchase on the side at the same $10 a week. We did debate stopping this.

Dh and I were discussing how we decided to forgo a vacation this winter. We put what we already had saved into investmants when we decided not to take one. Upon further reflection we decided no vacation stinks!!!! We would both like to do another cruise.

I am already saving my survey and money from little extras like that for a festival next summer. That is budgeted at $800 for tickets and camping. You can purchase the tickets in the spring for the best camping sites. We generally do this with family and it is a yearly thing. My savings for that is at $544.85. I have $255.15 to go! This has all been from side money from little things.

Keep in mind I do all the budgeting , investing and bill paying. Dh does most of the money making. Dh and I decided if I can find the cash by reducing expenses or the extras I make from that we sure can go! No money can come from regular paychecks, savings, cash already saved or by cutting investing. I do some extra work if I can fine something that works around my PT job and my health issues. That is the tough one. I cant do a lot of sitting, standing and lifting. Any extra take home from dh is only available to this goal if it is over a certain amount. The rest is earmarked for other goals. So I am going to give it one heck of a good try and I love our every winter vacation!!!

I will have to be far enough to see we will be able to do this my the end of December. That is when my spouse has to submit his vacation requests. He is high man on the list so he gets first dibs but cant procrastinate as the rest of the crew is waiting to submit in order of seniority.

I am a pleasure seeking critter and find this much more fun than looking for ways to save $ just to save for the long-term. I know it should be the other way but alas, it is not!

I think this should be fun! A list of things I can cut or do to save $.

~cut out all dining out ( my fault most of the time as I get sick of cooking!)

~ cut out the weekly bottle of wine ( UGH!!!!)

~ cut the grocery bill

~ when our contract is up in Jan see if satellite is a better deal than bundling basic cable and internet. We have only 1 internet provider. I know dh is not want to cut the basic tv and I'm OK with that if it makes him happy.I know he would cut it if I pushed it but nope.

~ burn wood when I am home

~ keep the furnace at 67 day and 62 night

~ sell a few extras

~ The electric bill with drop a bit as the ponds get shut off for the winter.

~be the electric police

~ try again to do the bigger dogs nails instead of paying every 4 weeks. I can do it on one dog but not the other.

~ stop eating too much myself

~ quit the pool on the games at work.

~ take showers instead of a long soak in the jet tub. ( I love that deep tub!)

I am going to be very honest and say I do not see enough fat in our budget to accomplish this but they say " where there is a will there is a way!" So I will do the best I can. I do so love a FUN challenge! Wish us luck!!

8 Responses to “401K raise and a challenge for us to take on! ”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good luck! You can do it!!

  2. SlurpeeLove Says:

    I started off clipping my dog's nails only when he was dead asleep. He doesn't sleep as deeply as he did when he was a puppy. I taught him "paw" and then started slowly introducing the clippers. Whenever he would let me touch his paw with the clipper, I'd give him a treat. Now, I can clip his nails without a problem!

  3. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    Good luck and you now got me thinking about my family trip next summer Smile

  4. Bright Says:

    Thanks Ima Saver and Beawealthywarrior!

    SlurpeeLove~ I think the treat idea is a good one even if my dog is a senior citizen! We have had her 5 of her 10 years and I have never been able to do hers. She always wants to eat though. thanks for the idea!!!!

  5. snafu Says:

    I disagree! If you enjoy wine with a meal, you need to keep that reward. My 'go-to' to nip at the budget is the grocery list. If I make up a menu plan that starts with items at hand and 'plan-overs' to turn Sunday's dinner into two other meals with interesting names, I get away with it! If I think the family will balk, I add a strip of bacon lol. Sounds ridiculous when I write it. Have you made Jambalya, Pilaf or Paella? The first thing I learned about French cooking was that they use the cheapest cuts and root vegetables. It helps if you can eek out 2 T of wine to improve flavour. If the family hates dinner try a nice dessert of 9 PM snack.

    I'm part of the group that trim dog's nails after 9 PM, keeping him reversed, starting at the back right paw. Try it!

    I don't know where you live but if it's anything like our area, you deserve a winter vacation out of the snow belt. There are terrific cruises on sale as there is over capacity. Can you pick a less desirable route, perhaps an older ship? Do you use discounters like American Discount Cruises? http://www.americandiscountcruises.com/newsletter

  6. Bright Says:

    Snafu~ I think I will take the wine to a bottle every other week. I do love my Moscato! I am a pretty good meal planner around the diet parameters in the house. I am cooking for a celiac and diabetic combined so lower carb and generally grain free. I do like the things you mentioned Smile

    I tried the dogs nails again before bed. The way she whipped herself around was crazy. Scared the crap out of me since she has had a previous ruptured disk. Tried again this morning by putting her bed on the counter and giving her treats and starting in the back. I think the neighbors muct have thought I was killing her. Not even a nail got snipped. Miss May is naughty! I'll take her to her monthly appt tomorrow and keep working on it!

    I have booked our previous cruises right through the cruise website and later used the price drop protection. I shall have to look at the site you listed. Thank you! We hit 30-40 below zero so winter is disturbing to say the least!!!

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What if instead of cutting out the jacuzzi completely, you let yourself have one or two a month - and make it really luxurious with candles and soft music ... Almost a reward for finding so much savings in other areas.

  8. Bright Says:

    Great idea FrugalTexan!!!!It's a nice deep one. The running joke if anyone needs to all-around 8pm is is too tell Dh to bring them to the tub! I tend to shower in the morning and soak in the tub in the evening with a trashy novel and a small glass of wine.

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